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What to Know About Hiring a Photographer for Your Business

Smartphones, ring lights, tripods, and Bluetooth camera remotes have made it easier than ever to take and edit photos without help from a photographer, but there are several instances where it’s best to hire a professional — especially when you need visual content for your business. Check out this article from SocialPhoto to learn how and when to hire a professional photographer for your company’s events, headshots, product listings, social media pages, and other business needs.

The Importance of Hiring a Professional Photographer

Unless you have someone in-house who specializes in creating photo and video content for your business or corporation, you’ll want to enlist the help of a professional photographer whenever you need corporate headshots, executive portraits, product photographs, or photos and videos of corporate events. Professional photos make a great first impression on potential clients and customers — and compared to stock photos — do a better job of showcasing your brand’s identity and personality.

On the other hand, poorly taken photos could hurt your brand’s reputation and even push potential customers away. Without help from a professional, photos are often blurry, poorly lit, and inconsistent with your brand. In the eyes of your prospective customers and clients, badly taken photos could equate to poor quality products and services.

When to Hire a Photographer for Your Business Needs

With that being said, there are several instances where you’ll want to enlist the help of a professional photographer. These include the following:

  • Building a new business website

  • Launching a new product

  • Creating a collection of photos and videos for social media

  • Designing business cards, brochures, and marketing materials

  • Creating an “About Us” or “About Me” page for your website

  • Attending company events such as trade shows, galas, conferences, and awards ceremonies

Additionally, it’s best to hire a professional photographer when getting ready to sell a home or commercial property. First impressions are even more important now that so many buyers are shopping for properties online rather than in person, and studies show that real estate listings with professional photos sell for more than their asking price. So whether you’re getting ready to sell your office space or launch a new product, you’ll want to have a professional photographer by your side.

How to Find the Right Corporate Photographer

Hiring a photographer to take professional photos and videos for your business may seem like a tedious process, but it doesn’t have to be. SocialPhoto offers a variety of affordable photography services to meet your business needs:

  • Corporate headshots, portraits, and full-body photographs.

  • Headshots and photoshoots for online brands and personalities.

  • Event photography and videography.

  • Product photos, brand images, and videos for social media.

  • Corporate video production.

If you need headshots for your small business, you can choose from individual headshots, packages for 10+ team members, or full-body shots for five+ people. Plus, in-studio, mobile, and distanced headshot services are available — making it easy to capture your team’s personality from nearly anywhere in the world.

Don’t Skimp on Visual Content Creation

Visual content creation is one of the best marketing investments small business owners can make, as professional photos, videos, and social media posts capture the attention of your target audience while showcasing your brand’s personality in the best possible way. Plus, the professional photos you take can be used in a variety of ways — from website and social media content to marketing materials, business cards, and beyond.

First impressions matter in business, and hiring a professional photographer will help to leave a positive first impression on your potential customers and clients. A positive first impression is your first step toward building long-term relationships with business prospects!

SocialPhoto is a corporate headshot photographer serving clients globally and locally throughout Southern California. Visit, call or text 714-514-6173, or email

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