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  • Kari

Founder Photoshoot : Etsy branding

One great thing that's come from 2020 is the emergence of so many new entrepreneurs and side hustles! Had the good fortune to help this new business founder create a series of images to launch her Etsy brand.

@designsbyerb is crafting hand sewn goods made in fun & unique patterns. Give her a follow!

Launching your own business or side hustle? All brands, big and small, need great imagery to sell your products and the founder behind them. It's never too early to act like a legit business.

If you're in Southern California, we'd love to help with your Founder photos. If you're not, we can help you with studio photos of your products for your online shop. Ship us what you have and we'll photograph them and send them back to you or stock them on our shelves and photograph them whenever you need fresh images.

Best of luck to all the emerging business owners out there! Happy selling in 2021.

#entrepreneur #etsyshop #founder #productphotography

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