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  • Kari

Checkered Pouches : Amazon Product Photography

Updated: Aug 20

Got your Amazon storefront ready for action? Time to create your product listing, upload all your images and sit back while the sales roll in! If it were only that easy, right?

We work with several small business owners hustling in their business. It's sooooo much work to get a sale. We get it. And we know, good images help a lot. We're here to help make that part of your hustle easier with high quality studio product photos for all your eCommerce sites including the always necessary Amazon main image. Simple 360 videos can also showcase your product from every angle.

Check our latest work for an Amazon Reseller listing these super cute checkered pouch sets in 4 fun colors.

Clipped composite images on pure white are a must for your Amazon main image slot. Clean and simple and useful in so many places.

All the rest of your images can be more playful, show the product in various settings or use and can be on different color backgrounds if you choose.

Adding a short video to show your product from every angle is a fun way to give your online shoppers a great perspective on what they'll get when they click that Add to Cart button.

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