Simple Photo & Video options to make next your corporate event a huge success

Adding photography and video to your corporate events make your events memorable, is an engaging way to promote corporate culture and an efficient way to create loads of marketing content!

Check out our top 6 ideas below to add photo and video at your next corporate event.

  1. Hire a Dedicated Event Photographer

    Hire a dedicated photographer to capture key moments and candid photos of your event to share with your guests and extended community.  Not only great fun for those that attended but also great value for use in marketing future events and sharing your corporate culture. Photographers rove all over the event capturing those candid moments that most people will never see. It’s super hard for the host or other team members to double task an event by being both an attendee and a photographer. To get everything you’d hope for out of your event photographer, put together a shot list of the most important elements to get photos of. These photos become great stock images for marketing. Then they can fill in the rest of their time capturing those awesome candid moments.

  2. Set Up a Step & Repeat Banner

    It used to be that Step and Repeat stations were at the entrance for every grand event.  While that may still be the case for some events, today you can add a step and repeat banner anywhere in your party. Few things gets guests breaking down shy barriers and jumping head first into group photos like a fun photo station. You can pick up a custom banner complete with a stand for as low as $199 and for a little extra you can add a red carpet in front of the banner. A couple low cost Southern California suppliers are: and Be smart about the custom graphics you put on the banner and you can reuse it at all your events!

  3. Create a Time-Lapse Video as the Event Unfolds

    This is so easy and will create such a cool video to share when the event is done! All you need is a GoPro, a place to mount it where it won’t be moved and some power. If you’re party is very large, you might want to setup more than one GoPro to capture footage from multiple locations and angles. Set the GoPro up on a tripod or mount it somewhere out of the way. You don’t want to move the GoPro at all while it’s capturing your time-lapse images. Since GoPro batteries don’t last long when under continuous use like this, you’ll need to connect it to some sort of power. If you don’t have a way to keep it plugged in to a power socket, you can also use a charged up remote battery pack, just make sure it’s got a decent amount of power capacity. And you’re set! If you don’t own a GoPro, you can rent these super cheap at local photo and video supply houses. If you need help processing the footage to create an edited video, head over to Fiverr to find super cheap video editing services.

  4. Hire a Videographer to Video Your Event

    Hire a videographer to capture video of the great moments of your event. Use the footage to create a 1-2 minute event recap video of your event highlights. Event recap videos are a fantastic way to share all the best moments after the event is over. It’s the fastest and easiest way to share the best of everything that happened and the video can be used to promote future events as well.

  5. Setup a Headshot Station

    You’ve assembled all your team, clients or guests at your event and everyone’s dressed up. This is a great opportunity to provide new professional headshots! Every event I’ve worked a headshot station, I have a line of guests waiting to get their headshot done. Typically, this is one of, if not the, most popular stations at an event. It’s so convenient and most people love to update their headshot.

  6. Setup a Talking Head Video Station

    Video is by far the most powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal today. While corporations today are ramping up their use of video there is still a lot of opportunity to do more. A clever way to create tons of video content quickly is to include a Talking Head Video station at your next event. A talking head video is a video with typically one person speaking directly to the camera and framed to show only their head and shoulders. We recommend shooting this on a green screen background and incorporating a teleprompter pre-loaded with marketing approved messaging. If you’ve got some super confident team members that can wing a simple 20-30 second message then let them loose but many people get nervous in front of a camera. A teleprompter makes it easy and less stressful for them and allows marketing to craft the best messaging that aligns with your overall marketing message for the year. Ideas for talking head videos may include: 1) a 30 second elevator pitch introducing your company, 2) a voicemail follow-up video to embed in an email, 3) a service offer or solution pitch, 4) holiday messages for significant holidays through-out the year, 5) technical tips, 6) answers to FAQ’s, 7) general event invites, 8) executive greetings, 9) appointment reminders…you name it. There are so many ways to use video and stats show that emails and social posts with video have higher odds of engagement than text alone so push the limits with your video!

For the ultimate corporate event, include all 6 of our ideas or pick and choose the services that best fit your event and budget. Need help? Contact SocialPhoto today! We’ve got photographers and video crews standing by to staff all your needs at events anywhere you plan to host them.

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