Photo Retouch & Crop Services

Photo retouch services for everything from professional headshots to selfies. If you’re posting an image of your face online, it could use a little retouch to make it perfect. We recommend just enough to smooth your skin, erase blemishes, whiten teeth and if necessary a little face sculpting and hair clean-up.

Headshot crops with Photoshop make it easy to use your headshot in a variety of places. Crop in multiple shapes or with a transparent background to make marketing easy by using the right size and shape for the right job.

Photo Retouch

  • Simple Retouch
  • $10
    • Skin Smoothing
    • Blemish Reduction
    • Facial Shine
    • Teeth Whitening
    • Image Exposure

  • Premium Retouch
  • $25
    • Simple Retouch +
    • Hair Clean-up
    • Spot Clean-up
    • Facial Sculpting
    • Minor custom Photoshop work

How to request a retouch service:

  1. Choose your service type
  2. Pay online
  3. Email image to
  4. We’ll confirm receipt of your payment and image and get your retouched image back in about 24 hours!

photo retouch
photo retouch
photo retouch
photo retouch
photo retouch
photo retouch

Headshot Crops

  • Headshot Crop Services
  • $45
    • Marketing ready headshot crops
    • Up to 8 shapes
    • Includes jpeg Images
    • Source psd files $10 extra
    • Masking for transparent background $10 extra

Crop Images