Employee Advocacy starts with a strong Headshot

With Employee Advocacy, to increase your companys social reach, on the rise the importance of a professional headshot for everyone in the organization is on the rise as well.

What is employee advocacy?

It means your employees share your business content to their social networks.  Your employees’ social network is typically much larger than the network of people following your business.  So, when you post on your business page, your reach is limited until your employees share that content.  

Example of a 25 person business on LinkedIn

Business Followers  =  250

Employee Followers  =  500+ each

Reach potential on a social post:

withOUT Employee Advocacy  =  250 potential reach

WITH Employee Advocacy = 25 employees x 500+ followers = 12,500+ potential reach

**Bonus Reach**  Your employees followers are much more likely to “Like or Share” a post from someone they know and trust vs. a post for a business they happen to follow.

On the importance of Headshots

It’s easy to see that Employee Advocacy exponentially increases the reach on your business posts.  Now, consider how well your employees are representing your brand in their social profiles.  

The #1 viewed element in any social profile is…THE PROFILE PHOTO.  

Conclusion – a successful Employee Advocacy program should include regularly scheduled professional headshot sessions for all employees to keep their headshot current.  

**Headshot Bonus**  Every time you update your profile photo on your social network, you go to the top of the news feed. It’s a freebie view on your employees and your business!

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