Guide to take the Ultimate Professional Selfie

Guide to take the Ultimate Professional Selfie

Ultimate Professional Selfie
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Follow our step by step process on how to take the Ultimate Professional Selfie at home. Your profile photo is working for you 24×7 on all your social networks.

Don’t risk a job opportunity or a client meeting with a bad profile photo!

With our how to guide, we’ll walk you through 5 simple steps to taking a selfie that will look close to a studio headshot.  In our 5 steps you’ll learn:

  1. How to prepare yourself and your surroundings for a professional headshot.
  2. The equipment list that will cost less than $50.
  3. How to pose.
  4. How to set-up your equipment and begin your shoot.
  5. The final steps to review, edit and post your new headshot.

Everyone on social media should have a current and professional headshot.  We would love to take your photo in our mobile photo studio if you’ re in Southern California, but if you can’t get to us or really love the DIY approach, take advantage of these professional tips and tricks to create a professional studio in your home for less than $50.

Share your results on our social media pages or post your photo with our hashtag #SocialPhotoUltimateSelfie.  We can’t wait to see how well you were able to use our Guide to the Ultimate Professional Selfie!

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